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June 2013

Asado of Argentina

from Kasilof Alaska, June 20, 2013

I want to talk about my favorite or most memorable meals from South America.

Before my travels, I had no sense of the diversity of the Latin American countries, in terms of culture, language, and food. I want to start the series in Argentina.

Argentina is famous for its wine. The wine in Argentina is some of the best I have had. Full-bodied and moderately tannic Malbecs from Bodega San Telmo were my favorite.

Argentina is also famous for its beef. A lot of the country is farm land. There are a lot of cows, and people take meat and grilling seriously. Most Sundays, my housemates (and Argentines in general) get together for asados, or BBQ's. People cook beef, sausages, blood sausages and chicken. Simple salads are made too, usually with lettuce, carrot, tomato and hardboiled egg. A brand of beer called Quilmes and called fernet y cola are the drinks of choice. Fernet is an italian herbal liquor, similar to Jaegermeister, that is mixed with Coke and ice.

Parillas (pronounced par-eeshas, also the word for grill) are specialty steak restaurants that have pages of different types of steak. My favorite was called La Brigada in San Telmo, Buenos Aires.




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Rocking It

from Kasilof Alaska, June 19, 2013

65 °F

Having returned to the United States, I have entered into a period of reflection of my last ten months in South America. What did I learn? What was good? What was fun? What was bad? What do I want to avoid?

Besides enough Spanish to find the nearest bathroom, I also learned something maybe more useful. In contrast to my time in India, with focus on the internal mind, I was forced to look outward in Latin America. From Argentines, Chileans, Bolivians, Peruvians, and Colombians I learned how to better interact with humans, engage, make conversation, take everything more lightly, be more relaxed, more at ease, more physically and emotionally intimate, and, in general, how to be more and have more fun.

I made effort to manifest this new outlook, which was hard for me at times, with "the rock star." First discovered at the estancia (a sort of country hotel) called "La Nancy" in Pigue, Argentina, the rockstar contrasts serious expression with ridiculous form. Please, for your enjoyment, I present the series, "Rocking It."

Initial conception, with inspiration from David Bowie. La Nancy, Pigue, Argentina.

A camp at La Nancy the following weekend. La Nancy, Pigue, Argentina. With Cande.

Fitzroy Tower, outside of El Chalten, Argentina.

My departure my Buenos Aires in March, after months of living there. Here I manifested the rockstar for personal strength during this transition. Montserrate, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Along my travels, I taught the rockstar to others. Ali from Colorado and Andrea from Bogota manifest in the Atacama desert in northern Chile.

Crossing the massive Salt Flat of Uyuni, in southern Bolivia, my drivers taught me words in the extant Inca trading language Quechua. I bestowed upon them my sacred tradition, the rockstar.

I rocked on by the Geysers "Sun of the Morning."

The sunrises across the salt flats, to silhouette me in the beautiful landscape.

Rocking the Incan fortress temple Sacsaywaman, near the old Incan capital of Cusco.

Rocking in the mountains near Cusco.

Machu Picchu was the perfect place for the rockstar.

Some, those who took life too seriously, had difficulty in the conceptualization of the rockstar. Rosario from Chile, in Cartagena, Colombia.

The final rock, near the summit of the the Volcano Nevado de Santa Isabel.

People of the world, keep rocking it.

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