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August 2011

London Fog

Second Day In london

Ireland already feels like months away it all went by so fast. I was very lucky and met a backpacker from Seattle on my flight and some fun people from France and Germany in my room. I greatly enjoyed Dublin's beautiful old buildings, castles and cathedrals. The National Museum had an excellent exhibit on Irish archaeology, with things like Viking gold jewelry, Celtic weapons, and Egyptian art. I toured Trinity and visited the books of Kells, a beautiful Bible made over 1000 years ago. The Germans and I toured the area outside of Galway and the Cliffs of Mohen, the largest cliffs in Europe and facing west with a drop of 200m. They were fantastic travel companions; they spoke English well, were funny, laid back and practical. It's funny how stereotypes like this seem to be self fulfilling. The American I met on the plane turned out to be one of the loudest people I've ever met, but he had no shame and was hilarious.

More people in my travel group are arriving today, and I am still trying to find a way to upload pictures. IMG_0526.jpgIMG_0505.jpgIMG_0769.jpgIMG_0850.jpg

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One Week Left in the States


It is a rainy day here in Soldotna. Today marks my last week in the US. With the exhaustive fishing season over, I have been able to gather the things I need for a successful journey. Acquiring a Visa without a real permanent address proved to be a difficult dance through red tape and bureaucracy.

I am leaving on August 22 for Dublin, Ireland, where I will spend 5 days on the island of ancestors exploring as much as I can. From there, I will travel to London and meet up with my future companions for our great adventure. After a week in London and a 3 day orientation, we will all fly to New Delhi, where we will stay September 6. Then we will cross 1000km of northern India by train to our final destination of Bodh Gaya, in the state of Bihar. I will be staying there in a Burmese style Buddhist monastery, called a "vihar," for the next three months. I am signed up for classes on contemporary Buddhist culture, Buddhist philosophy, Buddhist religious practice, and an independent study. The program approaches Buddhist studies from what seems to be an immersive cultural anthropology stand point. During the last month of the program, I will have the opportunity to do an independent study project and travel anywhere I want in India. Everyday, my schedule will be as follows:

5:30 AM Meditation
6:30 AM Breakfast
8:30 AM Class Period
10:00 AM Tea
10:30 AM Class period
1:00 PM Lunch
4:00 PM Tea
5:00 PM Meditation
6:30 PM Dinner

I will be living in the Pilgrim Guest House at the the vihar. We will mainly eat vegetarian food cooked in the kitchens. We will all take part in the work to keep the facility running smoothly, and try to stay cool in 80 and 90 degree heat. Bodh Gaya one of the most important Buddhist cities, as it was there that Buddha sat under the bodhi tree and became enlightened. My address from Sept 3 until Dec 16 is as follows:

Caz VanDevere
c/o Burmese Vihar
Bodh Gaya, Bihar
824231, INDIA

It will be hard but I am very excited. Talk to everyone soon!

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Fishing is Over!

Fishing is over, the summer is winding down. Here are some pictures!


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